Fall 2018
Mrs. Dykes
Mrs. Dykes


Welcome Back!

Students are enjoying working on projects while following the guidelines of the Worcester County art curriculum, which is aligned with state and national visual art standards. During the year, they will experience various techniques, media, cultures, and art history. It is always important to me that there is room for individuality and self-expression in every project. Most projects are concluded with a critique, in which students have an opportunity to show their works and view each other’s. This helps them learn the language of art, as well as positive critical thinking skills.


What We’ve Learned

Each grade created an abstract picture to learn about a different art principle. Kindergarten students learned about contrast (and coloring skills) as they created Mondrian-style pictures in primary colors. First grade students learned about rhythm and optical illusions inspired by the art of Bridget Riley. In second grade, students learned the difference between linear and 2-dimensional patterns creating repeating complex shapes in marker. Third graders learned that focal points “stand out” in a picture to create emphasis, and created abstract oil pastel compositions with focal points. In fourth grade, students learned that artists rarely use symmetry in their art, but make use of balance nevertheless. They enjoyed creating abstract asymmetrically-balanced watercolor paintings.

Kindergarten: Primary Colors

First Grade
First Grade: Rhythm Picture

2nd Grade
Second Grade: Pattern Picture

Third Grade
Third Grade: Focal Point Picture

Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade: Asymmetrical Painting