Current Events

Current Projects

All students K through 4 are working on self-portraits. Kindergarten and 4th grade are focusing on their facial features by creating close-ups of their faces. 1st grade is learning to draw their entire bodies, while 2nd and 3rd are making use of self-expression and creativity in their self-portraits.

Poster Contests


The Worcester County Garden Club is sponsoring a Youth Sculpture Contest making use of recycled materials, with November 14 as the deadline. Also, The U.S. Forest Service And National Garden Clubs are sponsoring a poster contest with drawing of Smokey the Bear or Woodsy Owl, with November 14 as the deadline. Mrs. McGean will be distributing information for these two contests to classrooms. Although this is not done in the art room, I will be glad to offer guidance.

Fair Housing Art Contest
Fair Housing
The Coastal Association of Realtors is sponsoring an art contest for fair housing-themed illustrations. Their theme this year is "One America - Housing for All." This is a great at home activity for K thru 4th grade students. Deadline for submission is February 22nd. Contact Mrs. Dykes for more information.