Art - Mrs. Dykes


Winter 2018
Mrs. Dykes

Happy Winter!

Students are enjoying working on projects while following the guidelines of the Worcester County art curriculum, which is aligned with state and national visual art standards. During the year, they will experience various techniques, media, cultures, and art history. It is always important to me that there is room for individuality and self-expression in every project. Most projects are concluded with a critique, in which students have an opportunity to show their works and view each other’s. This helps them learn the language of art, as well as positive critical thinking skills.

What We’ve Learned

All students created self-portraits as their second projects of the school year. Kindergarten students learned to draw their faces with more realism of details, first graders learn the same with their whole bodies. In second and third grade, the focus was more on self-expression and creativity. Fourth grade students revisited the close-up facial self-portrait, using mirrors to add even more realism to their pictures.

What we have learned

Kindergarten students learned the difference between 2-D and 3-D as they create snowman pictures and sculptures.


 First grade students learned about Mexican culture, counting in Spanish, duck habitats, and modeling technique with clay, as they created the Mexican Clay Ducks.
First Grade Picture

They next learned about Japanese culture and geometry as they learned Origami and folded cat faces.

First Grade

 Second grade students learned about the folk art of Oaxaca, Mexico, patterns, and modeling technique with Model Magic, as they created Oaxaca Animal Pictures and Mexican Lizard Sculptures.

Second Grade

Third grade students learned about primitive art from Panama and the principle of rhythm, as they created Animal Mola collages.

Third Grade

Next, They learned math skills in a fun way as they create hexagonal snowflakes.

The Latin American custom of Milagros was enjoyed by fourth grade students, creating their own symbols by embossing tin and mounting it on fabric. They will be periodically reviewing for the Visual Art Assessment, while working on other projects—each 4th grade student will receive a study guide that they need to save for review.

Current Projects

All students are working on the “Art to Remember” Fundraiser, in which their artwork can be printed on various products available for purchase. This year’s theme is “Silhouette Sunset”.

Poster Contest

The Coastal Association of Realtors is sponsoring the Fair Housing Art Contest for students from kindergarten up. The theme this year is “Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.” Winners have the honor of their works being in a publication, as well as meeting with government dignitaries in Annapolis. If your child is interested, I will provide them a flyer with the necessary information. Entries need to be submitted by February 16, or before that, if through me.

Supplies Needed

All sizes of zip-lock bags, including snack-size, would be greatly appreciated.