Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reading Program


May 11, 2020

Dear 3rd and 4th grade parents,


During the school year, the AR Classics Challenge was in full effect.  When we began quarantine, we placed the challenge on hold until we knew how the school year would progress.  Now that we are aware of the closing of schools for the remainder of the year, we will also be ending our AR Classics Challenge.  I am so sorry to disappoint any student who has worked so hard to read through the classics.  Teachers will be giving names of students to Ms. Wright, and she will be making phone calls to students to congratulate them on a job well done and perhaps finding out which book they enjoyed reading the most. 


3rd grade students will be able to resume their AR Classics Challenge next school year in 4th grade. So, students can continue reading and logging their books now, or just pick up at the beginning of next school year. Ms. Wright will continue to keep track of students' points for the AR Classics Challenge. Third grade students who have started the Challenge will be able to roll over their points earned this year. These points will count towards the total needed to complete the Classics Challenge in 4th grade.


4th grade students have done an amazing job reading! We are always amazed and thrilled to see how many children take on this challenge and do so well. 

Congratulations for reading so much; we hope you enjoyed it!


Remember, “Reading gives us a place to go, when we have to stay where we are.” -Mason Cooley

Thank you,

Mrs. Smith