Star Citizens


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The Star Citizen program is a positive behavior program developed by OCES faculty and staff. Approximately 150 students a year are recognized for exemplary behavior that goes above and beyond the high expectations we set for all students. This program is credited with maintaining a safe, respectful, orderly school environment and minimizing the number of incidents requiring disciplinary action.


to the following Star Citizens who were recognized by staff in October 2021 for showing Citizenship, Choice, Character, Caring and Courtesy:

Eden Brooks-Clark
Cole Brown
Yaretzi Castro-Gutierrez
Brock Coleman
Zion Davy
Genya Dhima
Sammie Donoghue
Sam Evans
Cash Foster
Leo Geiger
Iliana Gonzalez
Eva Greenlaw
Callum Hales
Michael Hampton
Beckam Hemp
Grace Higley
Davonte Jackson
Ali Koltuk
Maleah Manor
Allison Marin
Tyler Masterson
Emily Pennington
Jesse Perez
Hanan Ramadan
 Dana  Rosamilia
Steven Saby
Muna Salem
Guy Shannon
Katerina Spallino
Oliver Tornatore
Rachel Wall
Cameron Weaver
Christian Winters
Hayden Yeager